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Chris Paschall

Best Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds You Can Get

Noise canceling headphones and earphones have been the most desired and expensive product in the personal audio industry for a very, very long time. Fortunately, the price has gone down, and the quality has gone up. First things first, noise canceling earphones don’t only muffle the sounds. They actively listen to outside sounds and then play a sound wave that cancels out that external sound.

Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds












Anyway, we’ll cover the two best wireless noise canceling earbuds on the market. We won’t list Apple AirPods PRO on this list because better choices do exist.

Sony WF-100XM3

If you want the best noise canceling wireless earphones at the best price, then you’re going to want the Sony WF-100XM3 earphones. Simply put, no one else has a noise canceling earphones with decent audio quality at this price point.

The reviewers on Amazon aren’t all lying. These earphones likely sound great while still canceling out the sound. And the best part, in our opinion, is that these earphones cost less than AirPods. That’s a win in our book.

Unfortunately, they do have one major drawback:

They aren’t water-resistant. Some reviewers have said they wore these for light workouts, but be careful if you decide to do that. But you will not get a warranty for water damage. 

Another minor drawback is the large size of the carrying case. We don’t care that much, but it is something that you should know before making your purchase.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus earphones are the best wireless noise canceling earphones on the market. Period.

Naturally, this means they’re expensive, but they’re not nearly as expensive as you would think. Anyway, we like these earphones for almost too many reasons to list.

First, battery life is an insane 10 hours. That’s quite the improvement from their previous model, which only had a 3 hour battery life. If that battery life isn’t enough for you, then you’ll be glad to hear that the carrying case doubles as a battery. That’s right; the carrying case has a built-in battery that is good for three charges. 

It gets even better, though. The carrying case is chrome, which looks impressive. Unfortunately, it can scratch somewhat easily, so be careful placing it in your bag. Fortunately, a carrying pouch for the carrying case is available, and that should prevent some scratches.

The most important of the earphones is the sound quality, of course. And MW07 Plus does not disappoint. These are the top choice wireless noise canceling earphones for audiophiles, which should tell you everything you need to know about the audio quality.

It’s great.

Finally, the earphones themselves look beautiful. They have a distinct look that makes them instantly recognizable. They’re also water-resistant, so you can (quietly) enjoy some high-quality audio while you’re working out. 

Final Thoughts

Well, that about sums up our review of the two best noise canceling earphones on the market. If you want a more affordable choice than AirPods, then we recommend the Sony WF-1000XM3. The quality is comparable to AirPods for a slightly lower price.

If you’re an audiophile obsessed with the highest-quality audio, you need to purchase the Master & Dynamic MW07. The sound is well-balanced overall, and they look great. Plus, they aren’t that much more expensive than AirPods.

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