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About Us

What is the ANFF Hub?

The ANFF Hub aims to provide a space where researchers, collaborators and stakeholders in Australian Nanofabrication can come together in one website:

  • to access and share documents, such as fabrication protocols
  • to access and participate in user generated groups aligned with research interests
  • to collaborate on projects within groups leading to publications
  • to engage in forum discussions, share articles, presentations, software tools or anything else and provide progress updates on projects
  • as a portal to remotely access and drive experimental applications, group databases and analytical software tools.


The functionality of the Hub is intended to make these tasks as quick and easy as possible.

This web site is a resource for research, education and collaboration in your science area. It hosts various resources which will help you learn about your science area, including Seminars, Courses, Teaching Materials, and more. These resources come from contributors in our scientific community, and are used by visitors from all over the world.


The ANFF Hub is being funded by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

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