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What Are The Best Detox Pills For Weed?

If you just did a quick search of detox pills for weed, you probably discovered right away that there are a number of makes and manufacturers available. And, probably over half of them are claiming to work miracles and clean your system out super fast. 

It is risky to just blindly buy before doing your research because you could not only lose your money, but you could potentially fail your drug test. Luckily, you made it to the right place and below you will discover what you need to know about detox pills for weed.

Detox Pills Are Different Than Detox Drinks

The first thing that you need to know is that detox drinks and detox pills are two completely different things. Detox drinks are a bit misleading, as they do not actually detox your system. Instead, they just simply mask the toxins and metabolites in the system. 

After drinking the drink the toxins won’t show up in your urine, but after a few hours, they will be present in the system again. Detox pills, on the other hand, are different because they actually speed up the system and remove the toxins and metabolites from the body at much faster rates.

How Long Do Drug Detox Pills Take To Work?

When you are looking to remove weed from your system through a means of a natural detox there are several factors that can come into play. Your metabolism, height, weight, body fat, age, physical activity, and even the frequency of consumption can all make a difference. 

For some users, it might take as long as two weeks. For more frequent users it could take a week more. This is how long it will take to do a natural detox, which is quite a long time to abstain from smoking, eating healthy, and exercising.

This is why people are turning to THC detox pills. The higher priced pills on the market might be able to do the job in as little as a day or seven days.

Does Detox With Pills Require Special Pills?

When you are detoxing from weed you don’t need to look for a specific type of detox pill. Of course, the manufacturer will make a major difference, but the basics all remain the same. 

It doesn’t matter if they are called THC detox pills, marijuana detox pills, or drug detox pills, they will all speed up the natural detox process. For an in-depth detox pill review, visit:

So, what are the best brands that provide proven quality results?

The Best Detox Pills For Weed Are: Toxin Rid&Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

A company called Clear Choice creates the Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula and they are highly reputable. They have a wide product range that includes everything from Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink to Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum. The most important thing to note with this vendor is that they don’t make crazy claims about how their products can help you pass drug tests. It just states two simple things. 

They state that their cleanses and be taken daily to speed up the metabolism and that consuming the supplement on a regular basis will keep your toxin level lower, which is exactly what you want when trying to detox.

The second one called Toxin Rid, it costs more money, but it’s stronger, usually 5 days is enough to flush toxins completely out of your system. Toxin Rid have 1,2,3,5,7 and 10 day detox programs.

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