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How to Start a Photography Business

Can’t live without your photography camera and take photos of beautiful destinations and interesting people? You can realize your hobby into a professional photography business and provide paid photography and photo post production services

Even if you hesitate about how to start a photography business, don’t be afraid. Think about your photography business strategy, consult the specialists, plan and prepare everything carefully and your dreams will turn into the reality.

5 Main Reasons FORTaking up the Photography as a Business:

• You can make up a working schedule and workload by your own. It is possible to work full-time or part-time and even to combine the business with the second job.

• Getting money for your hobby is a real advantage.

• The opportunity to help your relatives and friends capture the valuable moments of the life without hiring a freelancer.

• The chance to have new acquaintances with creative people.

• This work will allow you to travel to different parts of the country or even farther if you don’t mind shooting not only in your native city.

4 Reasons AGAINST Taking up the Photography as a Business:

• If you have some doubts on how to start a photography business with no experience, it can take much time before you begin earning sufficient money.

• The lack of professional equipment will entail additional costs.

• Working with people, you will meet not only friendly and quiet clients but you should be ready to cooperate with irritable, nervous and sometimes unsatisfied ones (especially if you take wedding photos).

• To get the sufficient and stable income, you will have to work at the weekends as the plenty of occasions take place on these days.

How to Start a Photography Business Step by Step

Choose Photography Genre

Think about the genre you prefer to work in. There are various photo directions related both to private and business affairs. These are wedding and family photos, shooting for fashion magazines or large companies, scientific photography, etc. As usual, professional photographers specialize in one or two definite areas. For example, you could shoot family photos, take pictures of pets or be a wedding photographer. Each type of photography has its own features, principles, and subtleties, even the equipment can differ depending on the kind of the images, so you have to choose the direction and study it thoroughly.

It’s better to start working in the genre you have already gained some experience and have basic knowledge about. If you are not keen on a specific sphere or specialization, explore various options to find out which one fits your skills, talents, and interests.

Develop Your Business Plan

Writing a detailed plan must be among the first steps in your starting a photography business checklist.

At this stage, you must review and calculate your pricing policy. While setting the prices for your services, you need to count the time and money spent on photo sessions, the road, the process of shooting, image post production, delivery, a photo album etc.If you are not sure how to start a photography business and develop your business strategy, use the Internet and find lots of recommendations and checklist templates to bring together such concepts as expenses, your aims, and prices.

Decide What Business Structure You Will Have

At this step, you must decide in what capacity it is better to register – an individual proprietor, partnership or LLC. In case if the business is not large, it is recommended to register as a proprietor or partnership (it means sharing the responsibility with the other people). To understand how to start a photography business legally and clarify all the legislative details, you can consult the specialist.

Think About Name & Logo

It is possible to work under your own name or create a completely new one. It will be written in the logo and business cards too. It must be easy for remembering and demonstrate the uniqueness and creativity of your firm.

Take into the account, the name and logo of your brand must comply with the branch which you are planning to shoot in. For a wedding photographer, something romantic is quite suitable, for children photography- use something funny or cute. Having the intention to cooperate with companies, stop your choice on something conservative and classical. If you cannot afford to order a professional graphic designer, try to make a logo yourself, using free resources.

You must register the brand only in case you haven’t decided on taking your real name. Your copyrights will be protected and you will not violate any other copyrights.

Legalize Your Photography Services

The other advice on how to start a photography business is related to thebusiness legalization. After you have taken the decision on the direction of your activity and came up with a name, the next step is to register everything in accordance with the chosen business structure. The licenses and permissions for shooting and leading businesses must be received by the time you start working. Check whether all the documents are collected.

Your clients will ask you about the account to pay for the service. Soopen an account in the bank. It is better to have a separate business bank one. This recommendation is not compulsory but if the expansion of your photo business is in your plans, you will easily follow and check your incomings and expenses, using your private account.

Photography Gear

The reliable equipment of a good quality is a key to success. Just a regular camera or smartphone is not suitable if you want to become a professional photographer. In addition, you must also have a backup for all the necessary equipment.

Every photographer must have a basic set of equipment and softwares:

- Professional camera to get the pictures of high quality.

- Different lenses, powerful batteries, and additional flashes.

- Softwares for image editing and storage.

- A professional studio or lab.

- Packaging materials.

- External hard drive.

But don't try to buy too many things at once, take on the basic set and then you will add other equipment. If you intend to work at home, learn how to start a photography business without a studio. You will do shooting in different venues but you will edit pictures at home, so study all the necessary materials.

Work on Promotion

Use both printed and digital advertising. Your own website is an essential step of the promotion. You can advertise all your services, present the examples of the works and give all the necessary data to your clients. Besides the advertising on the web, it is also regardedas a powerful medium. You must make the business cards that you can distribute amongthe potential customers. Moreover, the printed flyers and free ads in the local newspapers will be quite effective.

Organize Your Portfolio

How to start a photography business and get first orders fast? Before hiring you as a photographer, people want to get sure that you are a professional whom they can trust. The portfolio will give everyone the evidence of your skills.

It should contain the images which represent the genre you are specializing in and photo editing before and after samples. For example, if you are planning to shoot newborns or take wedding photos, there should be no real estate pictures.

Social Media Photography Marketing

Social networks and the internet are perfect for advertising. We live in the age of the social networks, so if you want to draw the attention of the potential clients to your services, you must have constant participate in this digital marketing world. To have your own website is essential in modern business. Writing messages in your blog will provide your future customers with the useful information and brings you additional points.

One of the recommendations on how to start a photography business with no money is to advertise it on free sites like Instagram. Register in each social network or at least in the most popular ones. LinkedIn is perfect for your professional goals, and Instagram gives you a wonderful opportunity to share the examples of your photos.

Don’t miss a chance to visit different professional workshops, meetings, courses, seminars, etc. You can learn something valuable for your work and introduce yourself as a photographer and businessperson.

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