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AOL Gold Desktop Download For Windows 10

How to print within AOL desktop gold.

How to Install AOL Gold Desktop: There are several issues that are found in AOL desktop gold. There are users who find challenges when it comes to AOL desktop printing. Some of the reasons that could be making this possible are, a faulty printer, a corrupted file or maybe it is an old version of the AOL desktop.

In case you want to print from the AOL desktop gold, but there are challenges from it, you are required to follow each of the steps given below but in case the problem that you are having persists, you can look for assistance from our customer care team who will help you solve the problem that you are having with printing. Before you start solving the printing issue with AOL desktop gold, you are supposed to ensure that your printer can work with the other programs.

Step 1: on the area that is blank on your computer screen, make a click on the right. Tap on the new, then the document with the select text.

Step 2: double click “the new text document icon” for it to open.

Step 3: you are then supposed to open note pad then type the text that you want to print.

Step 4: at this point you should click the file that you want then tap on the print tab.

Step 5: click again on printer then confirm whether your printer is going to respond or not.If you get the command to save the document, then you select the file you have decided to save.

Step 6: if at this point your printer does not work, the problem could be with your printer.

Step 7: tap on the close tab for you to exit the document. Then click on do not save at the point when you are asked on whether to save the document alterations.

How to clear the print spool.

There are times when a print spool is corrupted then the printer will not print. In this case, this print spooler will need to be cleared.

1. On the taskbar, identify the icon that represents the printer.

2. Cancel the print job

3. Click cancellation and repeat this till all the jobs for printing are cancelled.

4. You can close the windows that were opened.

At this point, you can print in AOL desktop gold and see if it will work.In case of any problems, you can consult the customer care desk.


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