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The Australian Higher School System

The famous British system, which is considered the world's most traditional, the most high-quality, and in general the most-is the foundation of the Australian school, too. The style of study in the Australian higher school is based on three basic principles: an optimized price/quality ratio, a serious level of training for future professionals and bright prospects after graduation.

Raisins of Australian high school, this is the famous Australian system of qualifications. It allows you to move from level to level. From the first level - conditionally this is the first class of the school - to the level of a professional - the highest level in the university.

The Australian academic year begins in February and ends in November. That is, the Australian student, just like the native, devotes nine months to study, and rest, respectively, three months plus a week between semesters.

If you decide to graduate in Australia, be prepared first to get the necessary knowledge, either at the Foundation course for the chosen speciality, or graduate from a specialized college (TAFE) - of your choice. After the Foundation, you enter the first year of the university, and the student who graduated from TAFE automatically became a sophomore and graduated with TAFE with honours - a third year.

If you intend to receive a Bachelor's degree in technology, you will need to spend three or four years (depending on what you show results). If your chosen speciality is in the field of medicine or jurisprudence, you will receive a bachelor's degree only after five to six years.

Especially popular in Australia are "double degrees": information technology plus management, business plus law, linguistics plus psychology. To receive such a double-diploma, you will have to study for at least five years, but any, even the most demanding, employer will be happy with its owner.

Requirements for applicants in Australia

For admission to universities in Australia, you must provide a certificate or a diploma with the application. It is recommended to send applications for admission to the university as soon as possible. Applicants whose applications are successfully accepted will receive confirmation from the university and documentation describing the institution's policy regarding fees.

Requirements for knowledge of English for admission to universities in Australia

To complete a course of study at Australian universities, applicants must have sufficient level of language training in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Applicants must meet any of the following requirements:

  • Provide a certificate of English language proficiency, indicating the number of points received when passing the accepted tests;
  • Complete the language training course offered at the college.

The package of documents for admission and the deadlines for their submission
The package of documents required for admission depends on which of the types of educational institutions in Australia you have chosen.

Admission to the college or the preparatory department of the university

  • Application of an international student.
  • Certificate of full secondary education, vocational diploma or diploma of a young specialist (all with translation into English and notarized).
  • Certified translation into English of documents on education, which are not in English.
  • Official certificate with TOEFL / IELTS test data (preferably IELTS).
  • Essay and motivation letter.

Admission to university in Australia after the first year of university

  • Application of an international student.
  • An original or certified copy of the certificate of education (academic certificate with information about the subjects and received grades for the year of study at the university).
  • Certified translation into English of documents on education, which are not in English.
  • Official certificate with TOEFL / IELTS test data (preferably IELTS).
  • Motivation letter.

Admission to Postgraduate Education in Australia

  • Application of an international student.
  • Diploma of the University (diploma on the completion of the university and obtaining a bachelor's degree), certificate of secondary education.
  • Certified translation into English of documents on education, which are not in English.
  • Official certificate with TOEFL / IELTS test data (preferably IELTS).
  • Motivation letter.

Deadline for submission of documents for admission to universities in Australia

The deadline for submission of documents is specified for each institution separately. We recommend that you submit your documents six months before the start of the course because the number of seats is limited.

Tuition fees in universities in Australia

Higher education in Australia is paid. The cost of training for international students is from 14,000 AUD per year (depending on the institution and chosen speciality). 

For accommodation, meals, transportation costs, medical insurance, books, stationery and clothing, you will need another 12,000 AUD per year (the established subsistence level in Australia).

Some training programs in Australia (IT, medicine, business courses) are much more expensive. As a rule, one year is necessary to pay in full (this is the condition for obtaining a student visa), and in the future to pay for semesters.

Do not forget about the compulsory medical insurance "Overseas Student Health Cover" (OSHC), which you must complete upon arrival in Australia. Its cost is about 350 AUD per year.

The amount of your expenses directly depends on what type of accommodation you choose - a student hostel, an apartment with 3-4 same students (this is the cheapest and most common option in Australia), or a separate apartment, hotel room.

Student life and the opportunity to work during study

Usually, most universities provide a hostel. But it is always possible and quite easy to rent a room or an apartment yourself (or together with another student).

Students in Australia can use libraries at the university free of charge, attend gymnasiums, computer labs, etc. Students are also provided with recreation centres, car parks.

During the study, students of Australian universities can work officially.

Under the new rules, on April 26, 2008, a student visa automatically grants the right to work. It is allowed to work no more than 20 hours per week during the study and full time during the holidays. Remember that the permission comes into effect from the moment of the beginning of the training course.

Prospects after graduating from university in Australia

In Australia, at the moment, there is a shortage of highly qualified specialists in various fields. In this regard, a few years ago, some changes were introduced to the legislation regarding the immigration policy of the state.

So, in particular, international students who graduated from high school in Australia and have a degree not lower than a bachelor, now have the right to work full-time for two years. Also, such alumni can apply to the Immigration Department for permanent resident status without leaving the country.

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